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CreditToolz Affiliate Opportunity

How would you like to make money for spreading the word about, the best do-it-yourself-credit repair website online? Well now you can!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Let us know that you want to become an affiliate by sending a message to the CreditToolz facebook page. (If you haven’t ‘liked’ the facebook page, you may have to in order to send us the message.)
  2. We’ll assign you a unique coupon code that you can use when sharing the site.
  3. Share the website, and your unique code with your friends, contacts, and followers, who’ll get a 20% discount when they use your code to purchase any of the credit repair template letters we offer!

At the end of each calendar month, we’ll run a report based on all of the sales for which your coupon code was used. You’ll receive 10% of the net sales back as an affiliate commission!

The more you promote it, the more you make. This program can be especially profitable for our friends in real estate, mortgage, and auto sales and finance, but literally anyone can make money by promoting CreditToolz! Especially if you have a big social media following…

Questions? Message us through the facebook page, or call us… 888-996-6342